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Unlearn and Publish is an independent Publishers based in North East England, Newcastle upon Tyne.


Unlearning is very important to us as a publishers because we want to unlearn all of the shit that we have been systematically instilled in us from the beginning, while nurturing any of the good stuff out there. We want to unlearn racism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, sexism and all the other phobias and isms that have been inherent in our history. That said we encourage critique from our readers and we have an ongoing process of internal critique.

We also have a rolling open call for a FOLD takeover (please see our fold pages) for a publication to be made by any minority group. Please send any questions or expressions of interest to our email.

Our motto is: Publishing works that other publishers won't.

We hope you enjoy our publications as much as we enjoy making them!