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F O L D is a quarterly, thematic Artist publication that works like a gallery on paper. The aim is to encourage the viewer to engage with the publication itself to create different connections between the work and view the content in any way they wish. We want it to be playful. We hope it is. 

We are primarily focused on publishing Artist works but we see Art as being very broad and open and would rather go out and explore fully than be contained.

We aim to give artists of all different backgrounds and at all stages in their career a platform. We want the artists in our publication to enter into dialogue with one another whether that be visually or vocally. 

We want to minimise the competitive nature of the art world as we see it and have tried to reflect this in our structure. We will have open calls for all issues of FOLD.

With the permission of Artists, we would appreciate the opportunity to retain details of the submission and work, so that we can ask them to participate in another issue in the future. 

If you would like to submit an idea or a work to F O L D, please see our submissions page. You can also see planned themes at the top of this page, so please get in touch if you think that your work suits. 


issue 1: 'Funny'
issue 2: 'Tell' [submissions now open]
issue 3: 
issue 4: